All Cambridge students, whether postgraduate or undergraduate, are members of a college.

While a significant portion of undergraduate teaching takes place in college, postgraduate teaching is organised entirely by the University departments and faculties. For postgraduates the college acts as a home base, providing them with a community in which they have the chance to get to know students and academics in other disciplines, and oftentimes a place to live. Take a look at our beautiful surroundings and central location on the University's Virtual Tour platform. 

Clare provides a supportive intellectual environment in which to pursue knowledge, bringing together a variety of different cultures, disciplines and perspectives. ‘Clareity’, the postgraduate research forum, provides a platform for the regular, informal exchange of ideas and expertise between postgraduates.

The hallmark of Clare postgraduate life is that it combines formality with friendliness. It is this fusion of Cambridge tradition coupled with approachability that gives Clare such a delightful atmosphere, making it a highly respected and much sought after college. In short, Clare postgraduates have a supportive and nurturing college in which they can develop their academic research skills and scholarship, and an environment in which they can flourish and genuinely call 'home' during their time at Cambridge.