Chapel Life

As well as choral services, the Dean hosts a variety of events, socials and discussion groups for all members of our College community. 

In Easter Term this includes the Dean's Tuesday Teas on 7th & 14th May at 2-3pm. Clare students are invited to relax in the Fellows' Garden where tea, coffee, fruit juice and a variety of delicious cakes will be served. On the following Tuesday, 21 May, there will be a special tea for all Clare College staff at 11 a.m.

Please see the Chapel Termcard for more information.

Chapel Readers and Wardens

Many Clare students, staff and Fellows contribute to Chapel services by being part of our Readers' team. Anyone who would like to read is most welcome. It is a great opportunity to become more involved in College life, to get to know the Bible, and to develop confidence.

We also have a thriving group of Chapel Wardens. These are Clare students who help to organise services, light candles, and welcome people to Chapel. The Wardens meet each Tuesday for lunch in A2 to plan the week ahead, and to enjoy fellowship together.

If you are interested in becoming a Chapel Reader or Warden, please contact the Dean.

Exploring Faith

Any Clare members considering the possibility of Baptism or Confirmation, or who would simply appreciate talking through questions of faith, are warmly invited to contact the Dean. 

Welfare support

The Dean is a point of welfare support and encouragement for all members of Clare, of any faith or none. You can speak to him confidentially on any matters of interest or concern. 

Weddings in Clare Chapel

As a private Chapel rather than a parish church, weddings require the approval of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Office, and must be conducted according to the rites of the Church of England. 

Current Clare members, or Clare alumni who have graduated in the past five years and can demonstrate a connection to the Chapel during their time at Clare, are invited to contact the Head of the Chapel Office to make further enquiries. 

Please note that the application process to marry in Chapel is separate from permission to use other College facilities such as catering.