Clare Fellows among senior academic promotions

Scholars Garden

Congratulations to Clare Fellows who have been promoted by the University of Cambridge in recognition of their teaching and their research. 

Sam Stranks and Sian Lazar have both been promoted to Grade 12 professorships. 

Sam Stranks is Professor of Optoelectronics and Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, and a Cavendish Joint Member in the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Earlier this year, Sam also received a Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists in the UK. 

Sian Lazar is Professor of Social Anthropology. Her research focuses on collective politics in two quite different contexts, trade unions in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and collective mobilisations of various kinds in El Alto, an indigenous and mixed-ethnicity city in the Bolivian Andes. 

Guy Jacobs and AndrĂ© Cabrera Serrenho have both been promoted to Grade 10 University Associate Professorships. 

Guy Jacobs is Associate Professor in Human Evolutionary Genetics and Bioinformatics. His research uses population genetics to better understand human evolutionary history, including adaptation, genetic demography and archaic introgression. 

AndrĂ© Cabrera Serrenho is Associate Professor of Engineering, Environment, and Sustainable Development. Serrenho is exploring new ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a faster pace to meet international climate pledges.