Postgraduate Degree Congregations

Postgraduates can apply for graduation at any time once they have fulfilled the requirements of their degree. 

Once you have decided which congregation you would like to attend, you will need to apply for your ceremony, and any guests tickets you will need, using the 'Graduation' tab in your CamSIS account. However, please note the following two points:

  • CamSIS does not send confirmation emails once you have registered online for your ceremony. Once you have completed the registration in CamSIS, please rest assured that you have been allocated a space. CamSIS will not let you enrol for a ceremony if all spaces have already been reserved. 
  • The University does not release the timetable for graduations until 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Once we receive the timetable from the University, the College will be in contact to confirm the order of events of the day. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the University assigns colleges their session according to date of foundation. Therefore, as the second oldest College, Clare's session is usually in the morning, meaning events usually begin around 9am and end in the afternoon

If you have requested any guest lunches(£32.00 per guest), you will need to transfer payment to the Clare College bank account, quoting your name and 'degree' as the reference. The college’s bank details can be found here.

Praelector's Secretary, Yuanyuan Zhu, can be contacted on: 


T  01223 330715

Guests and Guest Parking

Due to limited capacity in the Senate House, you will only be allowed a certain number of guests for your degree ceremony. The number varies depending on the congregation but is usually 2-3 guests per graduand. However, you may invite as many guests as you like to the festivities hosted in Clare College on the day. You can specify the number of guest tickets you will need for each part of the day when you apply for graduation on CamSIS.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any parking in College (except in exceptional circumstances, please contact the Tutorial Office). It is important that you inform your guests that the simplest way of visiting Cambridge by car is to use one of the five Park and Ride sites. Alternatively, there are a number of purpose built car parks, but beware these can be expensive. Details can be found here:

Dress Regulations

Please note that there is a strict dress code for all degree ceremonies, and you may not be admitted to your ceremony if you are improperly dressed. Details of the university and college dress regulations are available at the links below.

University of Cambridge Dress Regulations
Clare College Dress Regulations

There are two main suppliers of academic dress in Cambridge: these are Ryder & Amies and Ede & Ravenscroft. You can rent or purchase academic dress for your ceremony as you prefer.

Certificates and Photography

Degree certificates are handed to those graduating they leave the Senate House. A certificate framing service is available upon return to the Senate House Yard. The proceedings are filmed on video and made available both as a live-stream and for a period of two months afterwards. Although personal photography is not allowed inside the Senate House during Congregations, Tempest Photography takes pictures of all candidates as they are admitted to their degree and also provides posed studio photography afterwards on request.