General Admission Wednesday 26 June 2024

Eligible students are automatically registered for General Admission by the Praelector's Secretary. The Tutorial Office will send further details on how to book tickets, lunch, accommodation at a later date.

Lady Clare Dinner

The evening before General Admission, all graduands are invited to attend the Lady Clare Dinner to celebrate the completion of their degrees with their cohort and the Fellows. Please note, the dress code for the Lady Clare Dinner is black tie. The Lady Clare dinner is only attended by graduands, not by guests. 


The College encourages you to invite guests to General Admission and does not impose a limit on the number you may bring. However, please note that graduands are only given 2 guest tickets for the Senate House for the ceremony. Other guests are invited to watch a livestream of the ceremony in the College instead. In some cases, students do not use their full allocation of Senate house tickets, leading to spare tickets in the College. 


Students who are graduating will have their licences extended free of charge until 9am on the morning after General Admission.



A late buffet-style meal will be available for Graduands and their guests after the Senate House Ceremony.