Waste & Recycling Statistics

As well as the space considerations (waste has to go somewhere), general waste produces significantly more CO2e emissions than recycling. So, before you throw something away, think. Can it be recycled? In Cambridgeshire, the answer is almost always yes. Some things you might not realise you can recycle in the mixed recycling are: cling film, aerosol cans, and plastic packaging.

It’s also possible to recycle crisp packets (collected in all main student common rooms), batteries (Porters’ Lodges) and soft plastic bags (bread bags etc) in local supermarkets.

Food waste bins can be requested from the Accommodation team and students can empty these into the larger green bins found on each site.

Clothes and textiles can go into the British Heart Foundation collection points, be saved up for a swap, or taken to a local charity shop (if in good enough condition to reuse).

Recyclable Items