Professor Jacqueline Tasioulas
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Fellow and Senior Tutor
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Professor of Medieval English & Scots


My current research is on Chaucer, the literature of the early Tudor period, and in the field of the medical humanities.

Two of my most recent articles focus on Robert Henryson, both as an author exploiting a Chaucerian legacy, and also as a major fifteenth-century writer. The Henryson research leads on from my previous edition of the work of Henryson, Dunbar, and Douglas: The Makars.

In addition, the interaction between literature, science, and theology is one of my prevailing research interests. I have published previously on such topics as the foetal existence of Christ and on the apocryphal lives of a post-lapsarian Adam and Eve, examining the ways in which authors negotiate scientific knowledge and theological demands. This work continues in my current research into the phenomenon of angelic voices in medieval literature. I am also completing a book on Geoffrey Chaucer.

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