Professor Neil Andrews
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Emeritus Professor of Civil Justice and Private Law
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Recent Publications

The Modern Civil Process: Judicial and alternative forms of dispute resolution in England (foreword by Lord Mustill, LL.D, F.B.A.)

(Tübingen, Germany: Mohr Siebeck, 2008)

English Civil Justice in a Competitive World in The Reception and Transmission of Civil Procedural Law in the Global Society, Deguchi, M and StormeM (eds)

(Antwerp: Maklu, 2008), pp 285-306.

The Modern Procedural Synthesis: the American Law Institute and UNIDROIT’s “Principles and Rules of Transnational Civil Procedure”Revista de Processo164, 109-120 (2008)


Other selected publications

Principles of Civil Procedure

(Sweet & Maxwell, 1994)

[Awarded the 1995 Society of Public Teachers of Law Prize, United Kingdom, for Outstanding Legal Scholarship]

English Civil Procedure: Fundamentals of the new civil justice system (foreword to this book by Lord Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice of England, and formerly Master of the Rolls)

(Oxford: Oxford UP, 2003)

English Civil Justice and Remedies: Progress and Challenges: Nagoya Lectures

(Tokyo: Shinzan Sha Publishers, 2007)

The Future of Transnational Civil Litigation (co-ed. with M Andenas and R Nazzini)

(British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Hardback Series, 2004; re-printed 2006)


Ali/Unidroit Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure

(Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2006)

[Neil Andrews was the co-drafter of these principles and rules]