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I am an experimental particle physicist and part of the Cavendish High Energy Physics Group. I have been a member of the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) Collaboration since 2014. My predominant research interests involve searching for, and measuring CP violation (a violation of the symmetry between matter and anti-matter) in B meson decays using data from the LHCb experiment at CERN. These measurements provide a powerful and precise test of the Standard Model and are sensitive to New Physics (NP) particles at extremely high energy scales.

I am the holder of an STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship for the project "Getting a flavour for New Physics with precision measurements of tree-level beauty decays" which predominantly exploits LHCb data to better constraint the CKM unitarity triangle angle γ.

I also hold an ERC Starter Grant for the "KstarKstar" project (underwritten by the UKRI Frontier Research Guarantee) which studies charmless B → VV decays in order to extract information on CP violating quantities. This funds two of the PhD students and two of the post-docs in my group.

I did my PhD (2010-2014) at Imperial College London on the Higgs decay to two photons, H → γγ, at the CMS experiment, under the supervision of Paul Dauncey.

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