JOCELYN WYBURD Modern & Medieval Languages

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Modern and Medieval Languages
College positions
Fellow, Tutor & Dean of Students
University positions
Professor of Language Learning and Director of the University of Cambridge Language Centre; Interim Head of School of Arts & Humanities (Jan-Sept 2023)
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As a Fellow of Clare, Jocelyn is a Tutor to undergraduate students and serves on the Development and Choir Committees.

Jocelyn has served on numerous University boards and committees, including a term on the University Council. As interim Head of the School of Arts and Humanities in 2023 Jocelyn is a member of the University’s Senior Leadership team and serves on the University’s General Board and several other University committees, in addition to Chairing the Council of the School of Arts and Humanities.

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Recent Publications: 

Critchley, M & Wyburd, J (2021) "Evolution of University Internationalisation Strategies and Language Policies: Opportunities and challenges for Language Centres" in  Language Learning in Higher Education 11:1 pps 3-13. Journal of the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CercleS).

Wyburd, J (2021) "'Linguist' or 'Global Graduate'? A matter of identity for the global graduate with languages". In Plutino, A & Polisca, E "Languages at work, competent multilinguals and the pedagogical challenges of COVID-19. (2021) (pp. 11-21).

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A full biography can be found on the Language Centre website.