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Having taken early retirement from the post of College Teaching Officer in Economics (2004-22), I am now an Emeritus Fellow at Clare, as well as a Fellow of the Cambridge Judge Business School. I also serve as a co-editor of the Cambridge Journal of Economics and Contributions to Political Economy.

My ongoing research comprises two distinct strands. The first is concerned with issues of social ontology, that is, with questioning the basic nature and constitution of the social “stuff” that shapes all aspects of our lives as community-oriented beings. I am a founder member of the Cambridge Social Ontology Group and a contributor to the perspective that has come to be known as Cambridge Social Ontology. My own work in this area, in collaboration with Jochen Runde, has focused on the nature of technology, particularly digital artefacts.

The second strand of my research has a more epistemological focus and is concerned with the nature of uncertainty and its psychological manifestations, and with the implications for (e.g., managerial) decision-making of more extreme forms of uncertainty. On these topics I work in collaboration with Jochen Runde and Alberto Feduzi.

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Recent Publications:

Feduzi, A., Faulkner, P., Runde, J., Cabantous, L. and Loch, C. 2022. Heuristic Methods for Updating Small World Representations in Strategic Situations of Knightian Uncertainty. Academy of Management Review, vol 47(3) pp. 402-424.

Faulkner, P., Feduzi, A., McCann Jr, C. and Runde, J. 2021. F. H. Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit and J. M. Keynes’ Treatise on Probability after 100 years. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 45(5) pp. 857-882.

Faulkner, P. and Runde, J. 2019. Theorizing the Digital Object. MIS Quarterly, vol 42(4) pp. 1279-1302.

Faulkner, P., Pratten, S., and Runde, J. 2017. Cambridge Social Ontology: Clarification, Development and Deployment. Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol 41(5) pp. 1265–1277.

Faulkner, P., Feduzi, A., and Runde, J. 2017. Unknowns, Black Swans and the risk/uncertainty distinction. Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol 41(5) pp. 1279-1302.