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I am now retired from over 30 years as Director of Studies in Earth Science in Clare, but still have active research interests in the subject. My 180 publications have mostly dealt with how marine sedimentary rocks are deposited and how they get deformed by tectonic forces in the shallower levels of Earth’s crust. My raw data have come from field work predominantly in Wales, northwest England and the Isle of Man, but also in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Oman. Since retiring from my University post, I have focused my field work efforts closer to home – on the building stones of Cambridge and surrounding medieval churches – in order to quantify the history of use of each stone type.

Aside from Earth Sciences, my main contribution to college life has been as President and Senior Treasurer of Clare Boat Club since the year 2000. This is a job that I relish. It allows me to get to know not only some of the hundred or so Clare student who row each year but also many of the hundreds of Boat Club alumni who loyally continue to support the club.

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Recent publications

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