ANTHONY SNODGRASS Classical Archaeology

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Classical Archaeology
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Emeritus Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology
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Key publications: 

Early Greek armour and weapons (Edinburgh UP, 1964)    

Arms and armour of the Greeks (Thames & Hudson, 1967)

The dark age of Greece (Edinburgh UP, 1971)

Archaic Greece:  the age of experiment (J.M.Dent, 1980)

An archaeology of Greece (Univ. of California Press, 1987)

Homer and the artists (Cambridge UP, 1998)

Archaeology and the emergence of Greece (Collected papers 1965-2002, Edinburgh UP, 2006)

[with J.L.Bintliff and P.Howard]  Testing the hinterland:  the work of the Boeotia Survey 1989-1991 (McDonald Institute Monographs, 2007)

[with J.L.Bintliff, E.Farinetti and B.Slapsak]  The City of Thespiai:  survey at a complex urban site (McDonald Institute Monographs, 2017)