Meet Clare alumnus Jason Mellad, tech transfer and innovation specialist

Jason Mellad

Clare alumnus Jason Mellad talks about startups, cocktail bars with a science twist & his thoughts on the University of Cambridge as "the generator of incredible ideas & great innovation & a home for people from anywhere in the world who want to have an opportunity to thrive."

Jason Mellad has a PhD from Cambridge, is a tech transfer and innovation specialist, former CEO of University spinout, Cambridge Epigenetix (now Biomodal) and currently CEO and co-founder of Start Codon.

"When I first came to the UK, I had never owned a passport before and I had barely left my home state, let alone the United States. So it was quite a culture shock to come all the way overseas in the middle of a very chilly October from Louisiana, where winters are not like they are here! But when I arrived at Clare College, everyone was so welcoming, which made that transition so much easier for me. I can never thank them enough. I think that had I just done it completely on my own, it would have been a real struggle, but being part of the College meant I was able to have a relatively soft landing. There was always a friendly face to turn to for help with shopping, or to tell me what a duvet is! It was invaluable to have the College there."

"I am a true product of the Cambridge ecosystem. That's why I'm still here almost 20 years later. And I want to spread the message that Cambridge is for all. It's not an ivory tower that only a privileged few can access."

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