Clare students make in the Centre for Music Performance band competition final

Colonel Spanky's Love Ensemble

Take it to the Bridge is a new student band competition run by the Centre for Music Performance in partnership with The Cambridge Club Festival.

The competition is designed to showcase some of the best bands in the University, with the winners being awarded a set at the festival on Saturday 10th June, joining the likes of Lionel Richie, Grace Jones, and Billy Ocean on the line up. 

The audition round in November featured over 60 students in 15 bands, with the final four groups now competing at Hidden Rooms on Sunday 23rd April.

2 of the final four feature students from Clare. Judah Daniels plays keys in TEMOR, whilst Anna-Maria Woodrow, Noah Turner, Tom Edinburgh and Nick Wise are in Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble.

We caught up with Colonel Spanky's Love Ensemble to find out more about the competition and their love of music...

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