Clare Fellow is one of 4 researchers from the University of Cambridge to receive a European Research Council grant

Rosana Collepardo-Guevara

Clare Fellow Professor Rosana Collepardo-Guevara is one of 308 researchers across Europe, and one of 4 from Cambridge University, to receive a European Research Council (ERC) grant

The ERC is the premier European funding organisation for research excellence. ERC grants are part of the Horizon Europe programme, and are awarded to scientists and scholars to support them to pursue their most promising scientific ideas. 

Rosana Collepardo-Guevara is Professor of Computational and Molecular Biophysics at the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry and the Department of Genetics. She is a Winton Advanced Research Fellow in physics, and Fellow and Director of Studies at Clare. She said: “My group investigates the connection between genome structure and function by developing computer models and algorithms that can bridge scales, from atoms to genes, while considering the extensive chemical diversity of the genome.”

“I am truly delighted and proud of my team. This success is owed to the exceptional students and postdocs that I’ve had the privilege to supervise over the years, and also to the support of my mentors, collaborators, and family. This grant will give us the opportunity to keep exploring radical ideas.”