Anne Brewin, Vice President of Clare Boat Club


The College is saddened by the death of Anne Brewin, who provided accommodation, sustenance, support and friendship to Clare crews and alumni at the Henley Royal Regatta for half a century.

Anne Brewin

Anne Brewin began to house, feed and nurture Clare Boat Club crews at the Henley Regatta in 1973, and continued to do so until recently. She therefore got to know generations of Clare rowers, to whom she became both a figurehead and a friend.

Anne also hosted an annual alumni lunch at the regatta, bringing together alumni and students, and weaving a strong thread of friendships through the club. She was a generous donor to the Boat Club and a loyal attendee at Boat Club Dinners.

The College recognised her extraordinary role in the life of the College by electing her an honorary member in 2007, and will further honour her with a memorial service on a date to be announced.