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Schools Liaison Officers

Our Role

Our job is to work with school students of all ages to raise their educational aspirations. This can take the form of hosting visits here in Clare College, attending HE fairs and conferences, and coming to talk or run workshops in schools. Whilst part of the job is to encourage more talented students to apply to the College from all backgrounds and educational sectors, a lot of our work is focused simply on raising aspirations, and encouraging school students to aim high when it comes to university.


Contact Us

If you'd like to get in touch to find out more about our Schools Liaison Programme then please email us at


Rachel Chiodo

I attended state schools in Surrey and completed my BA in modern languages at the University of Kent. I was part of an outreach programme in my final year of undergraduate study, which sparked my interest to work closely with young people. Having then trained to be a secondary school teacher and gaining experience working in Norfolk, as well as abroad in Italy and Switzerland, I decided to take up this role. I’m very committed to widening participation to universities and I want to ensure that students are given the information they need to make an informed decision about their higher education. 







The Union of Clare Students Access Officer


The Union of Clare Students (The UCS) has their own representative who is responsible for sharing our work with the undergraduate student body and recruiting undergraduates to get involved in our work. They also organise the annual Shadowing Scheme in conjunction with CUSU. 

I’m Aga Niewiadomska (she/her) and I am the access officer this year. I study computer science and am incredibly excited about making Clare more accessible to students of all backgrounds. My main aim is to try to show students that their background has no impact on whether or not they belong here, by running outreach events and making sure that schools in our link areas are aware of them, and the financial assistance Clare has to offer. In my free time, I love watching awful films with my friends and singing, especially when I’m accompanied by people more musically gifted than me!





Edgar Turner - Fellow and Tutor for Access and Outreach


I am a conservation scientist, who researches strategies that can be employed to conserve species diversity and healthy ecosystem functioning both in the UK and abroad. In particular, I am interested in understanding how landscapes can be managed to maintain biodiversity and healthy functioning ecosystems, while still allowing agricultural development to take place. Outside of my research, I enjoy science communication, particularly about the natural world and conservation. As part of this, I am Tutor for Access and Outreach at Clare College, a member of the Public Engagement Team at the University Museum of Zoology, and am chairman of the Cambridge Local Group of the Wildlife Trust.