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Our job is to work with school students of all ages to raise their educational aspirations and enable them to make informed choices about their futures. This can take the form of hosting visits here in Clare College, delivering virtual talks, Q+As and workshops, and coming to talk or run workshops in schools. Whilst one of our aims is to encourage talented students from all backgrounds and educational sectors to apply to the College, a lot of our work is focused simply on raising aspirations, and encouraging school students to aim high when it comes to university.


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Ed Turner - Clare Fellow and Tutor for Access and Outreach


I am a conservation scientist, who researches strategies that can be employed to conserve species diversity and healthy ecosystem functioning both in the UK and abroad. In particular, I am interested in understanding how landscapes can be managed to maintain biodiversity and healthy functioning ecosystems, while still allowing agricultural development to take place. Outside of my research, I enjoy science communication, particularly about the natural world and conservation. As part of this, I am Tutor for Access and Outreach at Clare College, a member of the Public Engagement Team at the University Museum of Zoology, and am chairman of the Cambridge Local Group of the Wildlife Trust.


Libby Beckett - Schools Liaison Officer


I understand how daunting the idea of Cambridge can be to many young people starting to think about life after school. Myths about the quirks of Cambridge abound - bizarre traditions, atrociously expensive Hogwarts bedrooms, roast swan for dinner every night - but these are not the reality for our students. 

My role at Clare is all about cutting through these outdated perceptions to show the real Cambridge: a place that all bright and motivated young people can call home, whoever they may be and wherever they may come from. I work closely with Ed, our Student Ambassadors, and the outreach teams at other Cambridge and Oxford Colleges to run visits, webinars and outreach programmes for primary, secondary and post-16 students in our Link Areas and across the whole of the UK. I'm always happy to speak to teachers and school staff about how Clare can support their students - please email me at to find out more.


Charlotte Bond - Access Officer for The Union of Clare Students 


Hi, I'm Charlotte, I am a second year HSPS student here at Clare, specialising in Politics and International Relations. My role as Access Officer is to help students from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds apply to Clare through our outreach efforts, and to work to make sure that they feel welcome and supported during their time here at Clare. When I'm not doing that, I enjoy attending talks about politics, (like a true HSPS student) and going to Music and Drama events my friends take part in.


Britney Caka - Class Act Officer for The Union of Clare Students 


Hi! I’m Britney (she/her) and I am a second year law student and Class Act Representative here at Clare. My role is to advocate on behalf of people who identify (but not limited to) as having overcome socio-economic differences to be able to study at Cambridge. I want to create a community for people who feel marginalised and help make sure that they are aware they belong right here at Clare and to ensure the access support given during applications is continued right throughout your time at Cambridge.