The University's Area Links Scheme enables the Cambridge Colleges to build effective, coherent relationships with schools and colleges across the UK. It gives schools and colleges a direct way of staying in touch with the University by providing specific contact points and allows the Cambridge Colleges to get to know specific regions and the local educational environments.

Clare College is linked with:

  • The London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • The London Borough of Hackney
  • Coventry
  • Warwickshire

We are also linked with select Cambridgeshire schools as part of Connect2Cambridge. As such, most of our school visits are from schools and colleges in the above Link Areas. 

However, regardless of their link areas, all Cambridge Colleges will provide guidance and listen to your perspectives to make Cambridge as accessible as possible to all students with the ability and potential to study here. Many of our online programmes, webinars and taster sessions are open to students at state schools across the UK. Eligibility criteria for every programme is stated on the corresponding webpages.                                                     

Please note that admissions decisions at each College are made independently of the Area Links Scheme. There is no expectation that students apply to their link College and participation in Area Links Scheme initiatives does not influence whether Colleges invite applicants for interview or offer them places.