Alumni Council

The Alumni Council was established in 2005 with the primary purpose of keeping alumni informed about College developments and communicating the views of alumni to the College. The Council is chaired by the Master, and is made up of Year Group Representatives (YGRs).

Each matriculation year has its own YGR, elected by the members of that year group. When there is a vacancy, the Development Office will contact the Year Group to ask for nominations. Should there be more candidates than vacancies, and the alumni do not wish to share the role, there will be an election organised by the Development Office. All YGRs serve for a fixed term, of five years, renewable by mutual agreement. An incumbent YGR may retire at any time, but would be encouraged to help seek their replacement beforehand.

YGRs provide advice and feedback on the College’s alumni relations activities, seek and represent the views of their College contemporaries, encourage volunteer and philanthropic support for the College in partnership with the College’s Development Office, and periodically gather contact details and news of their College contemporaries’ careers, achievements, and other items of interest.

A particularly valuable role of the Alumni Council is to champion the contribution of the broad mass of alumni – to the College and society – who do not necessarily achieve public prominence or distinction. The election of the annual Alumna/Alumnus of the Year epitomises this role. YGRs have an ongoing role to play in identifying to the College alumni whose contributions to society can be communicated and celebrated.

To find out who your Year Group Representative is please contact the Development Office.

Click here to read the minutes from the latest Alumni Council meeting, 16th September 2023. 


Alumni provide invaluable careers advice and support to current Clare students. If you are interested in giving a careers talk, taking part in a careers panel, providing an internship opportunity or participating in the annual Careers Week (where students are matched with alumni in their chosen careers), please contact the Development Office. Please use the online update form to ensure we have your current career details.

Alumna/Alumnus of the Year

The Alumna/Alumnus of the Year Award was established in 2009 to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Clare alumni who have made outstanding contributions to society through:

  • Significant charitable work or philanthropy
  • Exceptional contributions to a community, in the UK or abroad
  • Outstanding dedication to the care and/or development of others
  • An act of heroism

The award is a demonstration of the College’s pride in its members, as well as its commitment to valuing contribution to society. Alumni are invited to suggest nominees each summer. The Alumni Council elects the recipient at its annual meeting. The award-winner is invited to accept the award at the Half-Way Hall for second-year undergraduates in the Lent Term. Click here to view past award participants.