Clare College Cambridge

WiFi Access


WiFi is available in most of our accommodation and in selected areas across the University.  At Clare we use the University of Cambridge WiFi service called "UniofCam". You'll need your Raven password to get logged in.

Our WiFi access points also run Eduroam - a token-based educational roaming wireless system that means that once it's setup - no more logging in! Find out how to get an Eduroam token here

eduroam Configuration 

If you are using Windows, MacOS, Linux, Mobile or Smart devices you can configure eduroam using the University's configuration tools - follow the link here for your operating system


Reasonable Use Policy: In order to prevent network congestion there is a limit of 30GB/day on the use of Eduroam and UniOfCam.  If you plan to download more please use the wired connection in your room or one of the DS-Workstations around site.

No WiFi?

Not getting a WiFi signal in your room?

Firstly, let the IT Department know. We keep a list of areas where there are issues so we can target where to strengthen our WiFi provision.


If you're unable to use the WiFi you'll need to use the wired Ethernet service by connecting to the wall socket in your room. Ethernet is fast and reliable, see Getting Connected.


 If your device doesn't have an Ethernet socket but does have USB you can buy a USB to Ethernet Adaptor from Amazon, Apple, etc...


  Generic Adaptor from £5+   Apple Adaptor from £21+