Clare College Cambridge

Undergraduate Finalists 2020



We all know how much you were looking forward to your graduation and we are so sorry that it cannot now take place as planned. However, the College wants to assure you that we will gather to celebrate your achievement in person as soon as possible. We will still give you the day that you would have had, and the chance to celebrate with your families, it will just take place at a later date. The University has also given its assurance that this day will include a suitable 'alternative' Senate House ceremony. 



A notice from the University: 


As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, Congregations to confer degrees in person cannot take place until further notice, affecting the rest of this academic year and potentially well beyond. We have put in place exceptional measures, so that students who successfully meet the requirements of their course may continue to graduate in absence.

It is not possible for those who have graduated in absence to graduate again in person to that degree. However, given the extraordinary circumstances, we would like to assure you that when it is practical and safe to do so, all students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who opt to graduate in absence during this crisis, will be offered the opportunity to come back to celebrate their degree in their Colleges and with an alternative ceremony at the Senate House. A working group, including student representation, the Central University and the Colleges, has already started considering how to deliver this.

If you do not wish to graduate in absence, but would rather defer graduation until in-person Degree Congregations can resume as usual, that option remains open, but it may not be for some time and possibly more than a year.

You cannot obtain a degree certificate without graduating in absence, but if you have completed the requirements of your course, you can still claim to have completed your degree and obtain a transcript to confirm this.



Advice from Clare College


You need to decide whether or not you want to graduate now 'in absentia' or wait until the next in-person graduation. 

The College's strong recommendation is that you graduate now in absentia.  Here is a letter from the Senior Tutor. 






 Why is it recommended that I should graduate now in absentia?


a)     you may well need your degree certificate (not just the transcript), for legal – e.g. visas, admin, or employment purposes, and unless you choose to receive your degree now in absentia, you will have to wait until the next in-person Congregation, which may be too late for your purposes.

b)     if you all graduate now in absentia, you will all then go through the same ceremony when the University and College are able to hold that for you. It also means you will be in the same MA group further down the line. If you decide individually to wait for 'in person' graduation, this would be on a different day from the rest of the cohort.

Please note: if you need to defer assessment until the September sit, you will be brought into line with everyone else once you are through your exams, and will be included in the College celebration with the rest of your cohort, assuming that you also choose to graduate in absentia.



What should I do to facilitate this process? 


1: Go to your CamSIS self-service page at

2: Go to CamSIS "select ceremony" screen (step 3 in the "Apply for graduation" process"). This will tell you that "our records indicate that you will be attending the above ceremony in person on 24 June". There is no longer a real ceremony on 24 June, so therefore you should either:

3: Change your attendance from "in person" to "in absence", if you wish to receive your degree now in absentia. This is the option recommended by the College.


o   Withdraw from the ceremony. This means that you are choosing to wait until one of the unknown future dates at which normal graduations will again be available;



FROM THE LIST OF THOSE RECEIVING THEIR DEGREES ON 24 JUNE (effectively, you'll default to the second option above)



Who can I contact if I have any questions or need help?


Should you have any questions, please contact the Tutorial Office who are happy to help -