Clare College Cambridge

Training Courses

Throughout the University, a broad variety of training courses are run for the benefit of staff and students. Sample topics include information handling, communication skills, equality & diversity, health & safety, research methods, mathematics & statistics and writing skills.

Participating in such courses can allow you to develop new skills and enhance existing skills. Moreover, documenting your participation provides an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to continuous skills development and can thus be valuable for your CV.

Much of the training on offer in the University can be booked through the University Training Booking System (UTBS).


The Transkills Project aims to facilitate the academic transition of first year undergraduates from school to university to enable them to take full advantage of the educational opportunities provided during their first year.

To view upcoming Transkills workshops or to book a place, please follow this link.


Amongst the training programmes on offer to postgraduate students is the GRADschool course for those who are mid-way through or beginning to look toward the end of their PhD. GRADschools are designed to help postgraduate researchers reflect upon and develop the skills they have. The courses encourage you to consider how you can apply your skills now and in the future and aim to help you make more informed choices about the next step of your career. More specifically, GRADschools are designed to enable you to develop your personal effectiveness and make more informed choices about your future and manage the next step of your career.

Full information about GRADschool can be found here.