Clare College Cambridge

Tower Hamlets

Clare in Tower Hamlets 


Clare's work in The London Borough of Tower Hamlets launched in 2000, and was generously sponsored by KPMG, Clifford Chance and Morgan Stanley for over a decade.  Its aim is to encourage pupils to raise their aspirations, encourage academic exploration and to reach their potential in higher education.

Activities are offered for pupils at every stage of education from Primary School (KS2) to Sixth Form, and focus on introducing the idea of university, supporting the development of academic skills and helping pupils gain the confidence to achieve their goals.

Clare arranges events throughout the year, providing practical information about university education; interview training; mentoring; opportunities to meet current students, and the chance to take part in specialist classes. 

In these ways, Clare supports schools’ own efforts to encourage pupils to plan for university at an early stage, and to encourage the most able to consider applying to Cambridge. 

If you are a student or teacher from Tower Hamlets and you have any further questions about the Partnership for Schools and how you can get involved, please contact the Clare College Schools Liaison Officer.