Clare College Cambridge

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion

Hannah Fytche


I’m Hannah, a student at Clare College reading Theology and Religious Studies (or, with its newer name, Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion).

I chose to study Theology because it is a subject that everyone does without realising it – everyone has an opinion on these sorts of issues, and I wanted to explore some of these views more. I am also a Christian, so I saw Theology as a great way to explore my own faith more.

I chose Clare College because, aside from its nearness to libraries, lectures and the town centre, Clare College is a really friendly College. A fun Theology fact relating to Clare (although not one of the reasons why I chose Clare College – I wish it was!) is that one of the houses for second-year accommodation was built for two sisters, Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop Gibson, who, in the 1800s, travelled to St Catherine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai and there discovered a palimpsest of the Four Gospels in the Syriac language. This historical richness is definitely another reason why studying Theology at Clare is so exciting!

The experience of applying and being interviewed for Theology at Clare was definitely enhanced by my interest and enthusiasm for the subject. Despite nervousness, I really enjoyed my interviews: twenty minutes flew by as I had the opportunity to discuss Theology with experts. This is not to say that I knew all of the answers – I didn’t – rather, that it was an incredible experience. So, enjoy the application and interview process. Do your best and don’t be intimidated: if you enjoy and want to study the subject you’re already halfway there.

The top three aspects of my course are: studying New Testament Greek; understanding more of the issues and ideas surrounding biblical studies; getting to grips with philosophies only studied briefly at A-Level. There is an amazing depth of study and being able to have supervisions – one-on-one or two-on-one discussions – is a brilliant opportunity for exploring this depth.

In addition to studying, there are a lot of other events, lectures and activities to enjoy as well: the Divinity Faculty is a busy place with lots of opportunities to learn and experience new and exciting things, and in the wider world of Cambridge there are plenty of activities to get involved in as well!