Clare College Cambridge

The College Bars

There are two Bars in the College: one adjacent to the JCR, the other in the MCR.

The JCR Bar is normally open from 18.30 to 23.30 daily. The bar sometimes opens to serve soft drinks at lunchtimes if a sports match or other TV programme is being shown in the JCR. It is run by the students, under the management of the Assistant Catering Manager.

The MCR bar is run by the MCR Committee. The sale of alcohol in the College is governed by the Master’s and Fellow’s licence, which is held by the Catering Manager. The staff has an obligation to refuse to serve those whom they consider to be the worse for drink, to avoid serving multiple orders near closing time, and to enforce a 30-minute drinking-uptime. Alcohol bought outside College is not to be consumed in the JCR Bar or in the JCR itself, except at events notified in advance to the Licensee. The MCR Committee is responsible to the Licence Holder for all aspects of the MCR Bar’s management. Clare students who bring guests to either of the bars are responsible for the Guests’ behaviour.

Should any student become seriously drunk, report this to the Porters, who may advise on appropriate action. Drunkenness can be extremely dangerous and should be taken seriouslyApart from the danger of choking on inhaled vomit, drunkenness can hide less obvious injuries and conditions, eg head or neck injury, diabetes, substance misuse.

MCR Members

MCR members can use all of the facilities listed above with the addition of Friday Formal Hall during term time followed by the MCR Bar afterwards.