Clare College Cambridge

Summer Placements

Clare College has three prestigious summer placement schemes at leading international institutions for undergraduate students interested in medical, veterinary and scientific research. These schemes are listed here in the order in which they were founded. Further information on each scheme, along with details of the application process are available here.

MGH/Harvard Med School Summer Studentship

This studentship was established in 2002 under the joint direction of Dr Celia Duff (former Director of Clinical Studies) and Professor Mark Poznansky, former Harrison-Watson Fellow, and a Consultant in Infectious Disease Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston. Professor Poznansky directs the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at MGH, and will host the successful Clare student.

This studentship aims to foster and develop academic excellence and aspiration in young biological scientists and offers the opportunity to work in an international centre of excellence. The successful student can expect to develop research understanding, technical skills, involvement in the planning of research programmes and may be able to present work for significant publication. The student will receive personal mentoring from Professor Poznansky. From time to time it may be possible to accommodate more than one student, with additional students being hosted by other labs in the same institution.

The attachment(s) will be for 12 weeks during the summer vacation. Subsistence up to $5000 (to cover the cost of accommodation and food) will be paid by Dr Poznansky’s research grant funding and the MGH. Assistance will be provided in finding accommodation. A grant is payable by Clare to cover the reasonable cost of travel to Boston and visa application.

Any enquiries should be addressed to the Hammond Careers Tutor.

J D Watson Undergraduate Scholarship 

Clare has established a J D Watson Undergraduate Scholarship in conjunction with the Watson School of Biological Sciences at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA. The Scholarship enables one Clare student each year to participate in the Undergraduate Research Program at the Watson School.

Students reading for the Natural Sciences or the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos are eligible to apply. The Scholarship is aimed at those seriously interested in pursuing a career in scientific research, and is offered to a second-year undergraduate who expects to graduate after three years, or to a third-year undergraduate who expects to graduate after four years.

The Scholarship is held for a period of ten weeks in the Long Vacation, starting immediately after the end of Full Term. It covers the cost of accommodation and tuition fees. For the successful student, Clare separately meets the travel costs (excluding visa costs) to and from the United States.

Any enquiries should be addressed to the Hammond Careers Tutor.

Tsinghua-Cambridge Summer Studentship

This scheme provides the opportunity for two Clare undergraduates to spend 8-10 weeks of the summer at a laboratory at Tsinghua University in Beijing at either the school of Life Sciences or Medicine. The studentship is open to students in either the natural sciences (biology) or medical and veterinary sciences tripos. The studentship will only be offered to those in their first year if they can demonstrate significant laboratory experience beyond that which is taught in tripos.

The scheme is coordinated by Prof. Babak Javid in Tsinghua (a former Clare fellow) and Clare fellows in Cambridge. The students can be hosted in a variety of labs, and successful candidates will be permitted to express a preference from a list of host labs that will participate in any given year.

The studentship, is for 8-10 weeks (10 weeks is preferred) during the long vacation. It covers the costs of return flights to Beijing and accommodation. Additional financial support for basic subsistence costs in Beijing will be available from College.

Any enquiries should be addressed to the Hammond Careers Tutor.