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Studying MML at Clare


Studying MML at Clare


Our students at Clare have consistently achieved some of the top results in the final year of the MML Tripos, with an average of at least 50% of them scoring a First. Clare has had in the past years one of the highest number of applicants in Cambridge for MML, which is reflected in the overall number of linguists in the College (30+ spread over 4 years). We have always been happy to accept any of the possible combinations of languages. We also often have a good proportion of students studying a language from scratch (ab initio).

The College arranges small-group teaching (supervisions) for some aspects of language work, and also for optional papers. Clare has a large team of Directors of Studies and teaching Fellows in MML; for details see below. The College has its own audio-visual supervision room, and our library facilities include access to CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) software. Students will study with college fellows and supervisors from other colleges depending on the papers they choose.

Clare has a strong partnership with one of the most prestigious academic institutions in France, the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. Each year, Clare has a postgraduate student from the ENS as a Lecteur/lectrice who helps with French oral work; there is also the possibility for one student to spend their year abroad studying at the ENS.

MML graduates are very much in demand by employers in a range of professions, not only for their linguistic and intellectual skills, but also for the independence and maturity which they develop as a result of living and working abroad and gaining an in-depth knowledge of other cultures. Clare MML graduates have recently gone on to further training in music and drama, the Civil Service, finance, law, diplomatic careers, teaching, translating, management, market research and arts administration.