Clare College Cambridge

Studying Archaeology

The Archaeology Tripos

In the first year (Part I), students choose three subjects from:

  • ARC1 (Introduction to Archaeology),
  • ARC2 (Archaeology in Action),
  • ARC6 (Cross-disciplinary foundations),
  • ARC3 (Egypt and Mesopotamia),
  • ARC4 (Akkadian I),
  • ARC5 (Egyptian Language I),
  • BAN01 (Introduction to Biological Anthropology).

The fourth paper may come from the above list or from the Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS) Part I Tripos.

During Easter term in Part I, students will participate in a 2-3 week training excavation.

Dr Marta Mirazon Lahr & Justus Edung excavating at Nataruk, KenyaIn their second and third years (Part IIA and B), students follow a particular stream within Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Egyptology or Assyriology (single-track), or they can continue with Archaeology and Biological Anthropology or Egyptology and Assyriology (joint-tracks). Different streams allow students to borrow papers from Classics or HSPS. Some streams (i.e. single-track archaeology) require fieldwork to be conducted between the second and third year, although many of our students choose to participate in fieldwork even if it is not a required part of their degree.