Clare College Cambridge

Services & Utilities


The College does not provide a fixed-line telephone service in rooms. Properties without a College-provided internet service may already have a fixed-line phone service installed as part of their internet facility. The cost of connecting a line and all call charges are the responsibility of the individual.

Computer Connections

Individual connections to the University network and the internet are provided at Clare Court, Newnham Road, 104-108 Chesterton Road (January 2021). For connection you should contact the IT Department at, phone (7)61608, or via UMS.  At all other properties the internet can be accessed by using local service providers (via cable or the phone line) in conjunction with a broadband modem - the tenant must arrange this with a service provider of their choice.

The following comparison site will give you up-to-date information : It also provides useful information for students to consider beforehand. Other Ofcom accredited comparison sites can also be used.

Information on other IT services can be found here.


All properties are heated either by either central heating or storage heaters.

All gas appliances are gas safety checked once a year and all boilers serviced annually. Where a Carbon Monoxide Alarm is fitted user details can be found here.

Waste and Refuse Disposal

All the properties have wheelie-bins which are collected by the City Council.

Where residents are responsible for putting bins out for collection (external properties including 102, 120 and 190 Chesterton Road, Queen Edith House and Netherfield House) they will initially be provided with a calendar advising when the collection day is and what colour bin is to be collected. Bins must be returned to the property as soon as possible after the collection has been made. They will also be provided with a list of items that can be place in each bin. All bins must have their lids closed and no side waste must be left. Further information can be obtained from the Cambridgeshire County Council 


General repairs are carried out by the College Building Maintenance Team. Repairs should be reported via the Maintenance web page.