Clare College Cambridge




Your own possessions are your own responsibility. They are not covered by any College insurance, nor can the College accept responsibility for any loss or damage. Check whether you are, or can cheaply be, fully covered by your parents' insurance. If not, you are strongly advised to take out insurance yourself. Some companies run special schemes for student insurance, so it may be as well for you to shop around.


Security and keys

At  Queen Edith’s House there are entry phone systems and only those persons known to you should be allowed to enter. Please do not open the door to person/persons asking to see someone else other than you.  Keys are issued to you personally and must not b e given to a third party. Emergency keys are available at the Porters’ Lodge, Memorial Court, in the event of you loosing a key or locking yourself out. Any emergency keys taken out must be returned the next day. A charge is made for lost keys.

Never leave your room unlocked, even when you are in an adjacent toilet or shower. Never let your keys go out of your possession. Avoid leaving valuable items on view, especially in ground-floor rooms. Never let people into your room unless you know them. Keep gyp rooms locked. If you live on the ground floor, never leave your room without locking the windows.



Fire is probably the biggest single danger in multiple-occupancy buildings. Failure to observe fire regulations and procedures can have potentially catastrophic consequences, for yourself and for many others.

Legislation under the Health and Safety at Work Act stipulates that you are responsible for the safety of all electrical appliances of any sort which may be connected to a College socket. Cables, connectors, and plugs must be visually checked regularly for signs of wear or poor connection. ncorrectly wired appliances or faulty equipment can kill or cause serious injury. If you have any doubts as to the safety of your appliances, please notify College Support Services as soon as possible, by reporting the problem in the nearest Porters' Lodge, and do not use such appliances until they have been tested.

You should have a "Fire Action Notice" in your room. Read it, and remember the Assembly Point. Ensure that you know the escape routes in the event of fire. ALWAYS respond promptly to fire alarms, even if you suspect it may be a false alarm or "merely" a fire drill. Fire doors should never be wedged open, or obstructed by furniture. Candles are not allowed in rooms. Never light fires in the grates of rooms with fireplaces. Note that the escapes routed along the top-floor parapets in Old Court are only for emergency use: walking along the parapets damages the roof and is dangerous.

Never tamper with the fire alarms. Never tamper with the fire extinguishers. If you suspect you know of an empty extinguisher, report the fact immediately to the maintenance supervisor so that the appliance can be returned to working order for use in the event of a fire. Landings, stairways and all public areas which will be a route of escape in case of fire, must be kept clear. Do Not leave any personal property or other items whatsoever in such areas. Regular inspections will be made of these areas, and disciplinary action may be taken if this rule is contravened.


Fire Alarms and Detection systems

Chesterton Road houses have a full fire alarm and detection system and emergency lighting. All other smaller properties have fire alarms and all properties are equipped with fire extinguishers fire blankets, and the appropriate notices, and an audit is kept. Please make sure you are familiar with escape routes, which must not be blocked; where the nearest fire call point is; that you have read and understood the fire alarm instructions which are at every control box. Fire doors must not be propped open and rubbish or furniture must not be left in hallways or on stairs. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are checked annually and records are kept.