Clare College Cambridge

Sabbatical Leave


Fellows in Classes A, B, C and E may be granted leave of absence by the College Council (Statute 12(4)). The right to paid sabbatical leave is measured in the same way that it is measured by the University: one term of paid sabbatical leave for each six terms of paid employment by the College.

Cover Arrangements for UTOs and CTOs

Before making an application for leave, Fellows who are University Teaching Officers are expected to discuss their plans with the head of their institution. Both College Teaching Officers and University Teaching Officers should discuss their plans with the Master, so as to ensure that satisfactory arrangements can be made in their absence. For example, Directors of Studies should make arrangements for cover while they are away with the Senior Tutor. College Teaching Officers should discuss cover for College duties with the Senior Tutor.

Notice of Leave

Please note that the University requires that two terms' notice be given for sabbatical leave. Any appplications submitted earlier than the Easter Term in the academical year two years before the academic year for which the leave is proposed will not be considered, eg applications of Michaelmas Term 2012 will not be considered until the beginning of the Easter Term 2011.

University Teaching Officer Leave Applications

UTOs need to obtain the consent of the General Board for one-year-in-seven academic and study leave, and should apply for leave on Form CHRIS/67. This form should be submitted to College Council, and will be signed off by the Master once it has been to Council.  It should then be passed for completion by the Chairman/Secretary of the Faculty Board or equivalent.

College Teaching Officer Leave Applications

To bring College Teaching Officers' conditions into line with those of University Teaching Officers, when applying for sabbatical leave to which they are entitled, CTOs will be asked at the same time to submit to the College a brief outline of their research plans for the proposed period of leave. In addition, CTOs will receive the stipend relating to supervision whilst on sabbatical leave. CTOs should complete this form when they wish to apply for sabbatical leave. In order to obtain the consent of the College Council CTOs must ensure that adequate cover is in place (see above).