Clare College Cambridge

Rules and Conditions 2

License Agreement

A License Agreement will be issued at the start of the Academic year. This must be signed and returned to the Roms Coordinator  within 7 days of receipt. Failure to do so could result in a fine.The License Agreement must not be altered in any way. Do not print out and return a parer copy as this will not be accepted. Where a signature is required on the License please insert either a electronic signature or type in your full name. An Electroinc signature or typed names will be taken as acceptance of the License and the terms and conditions.


Inventories will be sent by e.mail . They should be checked, signed and returned by e.mail to the Accommodation Manager within the first week of occupancy. Furniture or carpets may not be moved from one room to another, or put in corridors, or moved outside the building, and curtains are not to be taken down. Mattresses are not to be used on the floor.

Remember that others will occupy your room after you, and that it must be maintained in an acceptable state. Nails and drawing pins, sellotape, Blu-tack and White tack damage paintwork and are therefore not to be used to fix posters, pictures, notices or anything else to the walls. Blu-tack and White tack may only be used on non-painted wooden surfaces. Most rooms have been provided with pin-boards.

You will be charged for any damage to the fabric, decoration, furniture or fittings. Charges will reflect the actual cost of repair or replacement, and are therefore likely to be high; there may also be an additional financial penalty in recognition of the extra work caused for the College staff. Charges for damage to communal areas of a staircase or College house will be split equally among the students living there.

Shower hoses are not permitted.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in any College room.

May Ball

Please note that all residents in Old Court must vacate their room by 1.30 on the day of the May Ball. Access to the room will not be authorised until the following day.


For the most part, a College is a relatively safe environment. However, thefts and other intrusions do occasionally occur, and it is important that you take all sensible precautions. Never leave your room unlocked, even when you are in an adjacent toilet or shower. Never let your keys go out of your possession. Avoid leaving valuable items on view, especially in ground-floor rooms. Never let people into your room unless you know them. Keep gyp rooms locked. If you live on the ground floor, never leave your room without locking the windows. At the Colony always ensure that the outer door of your house or hostel is kept locked. If you are inside a room which has electronic card access, do not open the door to anybody without a card. If you are concerned about any aspect of security, you should in the first instance draw it to the attention of the Porters. Report all crimes and suspicious persons or incidents immediately to the Porters. CCTV cameras are used within the College to deter crime and assist the personal safety of students.

The Gates to Old Court and Memorial Court are locked at midnight during Full Term and outside Full Term. After gate closure, Old Court residents can use their access card to enter and exit the Court via the side passage gate adjacent to Trinity Lane, beside the Chapel. (Access can only be gained via the gate on the Avenue in Queens Road.) Memorial Court residents can similarly use the W basement door. Residents of both Courts will be responsible for the entry and exit of their own guests.


Your own possessions are your own responsibility. They are not covered by any College insurance, nor can the College accept responsibility for any loss or damage. Check whether you are, or can cheaply be, fully covered by your parents' insurance. If not, you are strongly advised to take out insurance yourself. Some companies run special schemes for student insurance, so it may be as well for you to shop around.

Storage Out-of-Term

During the Christmas and Easter vacations all personal possessions (other than those items that you are able to store in your own lockable area - lockable chest or part of wardrobe) must be removed. This applies to all students who have a Standard Lease. The housekeeping staff cannot be expected to package and label anything left in your room or in the gyp-rooms after your own occupancy has ended. Such things will be assumed to be surplus to your requirements, and will be disposed of. You will be charged for any additional work for the staff to clear and dispose of your possessions. The College can provide limited storage space for the possessions of some students during the year (eg for students living abroad). There will be a small charge to include an Insurance Policy which covers belongings for the whole year (September - September). Students who wish to store their possessions should apply to the Accommodation Manager in writing.

Pets, Televisions, Pianos, Personal furniture and electrical equipment

Students may not keep pets of any kind in any part of the College.

Television sets belonging to students must be licensed, unless they are battery-operated, in which case the set may be covered by the licence of the user's parents.

First-year students with pianos are housed on the ground floor, and pianists are expected to choose ground-floor rooms in their subsequent years. All student-owned and hired pianos must be removed from rooms no later than the last Thursday of the Easter Term (the Thursday of May Week, after the end of Full Term). This is to make space for the additional beds which are moved into student rooms over the summer. Cambridge Pianoforte Services (01223 424007) can store pianos over the vacation, for a charge.

Do not bring your own furniture into any student accommodation. This includes curtains, mattresses, futons and hammocks. Do not remove any College furniture from your room. or take down any curtains or fittings.

Electrical items such as electric heaters, coffee makers, rice cookers small electric ovens (list not exhaustive) are not permitted in gyp rooms or College accommodation. These items will be removed.

Environmental protection

(a) Sharp Boxes and Sanitary Towel Containers

Legislation under the Environmental Protection Act requires that sharp items which have been in bodily contact (eg needles used for first aid and by diabetics) must be disposed of separately from rubbish. Sharp boxes are available in each Porters' Lodge. The Act also requires that sanitary towels must be disposed of separately, and containers are provided for this purpose.

(b) Recycling

Multi co-mingled bins are in every student room which the bedders empty daily.

Battery recycling bins can be found in the Colony and Memorial Court Lodges.