Clare College Cambridge

Rules and Conditions 1

The conditions of occupancy for graduate accommodation are set out in formal Tenancy/Licence Agreements. This section relates to rooms in the College and at the Colony.

The list of rules may appear long and intimidating, but most of them amount to little more than codified common sense. The rules exist mainly in the interests of safety and security, to ensure that rooms can be reasonably maintained, and to avoid disruption to others who live and work in the College.



(a)        A student is deemed to have 'kept' a Term by residence if they have resided within the University Precincts during not less than three-fourths of that Term.


The University's Statutes require that you keep nine such Terms by residence before being allowed to graduate. In practice, this means that you have to be resident during the whole of Full Term, or that unavoidable absences during Full Term need to be compensated by residence for an equivalent number of days of Term.


(b)        If you intend to go away from the College for any period during Full Term, you must inform the Porters' Lodge and your Tutor, in case of emergencies such as fire or break-ins, and your Director of Studies, if your work arrangements are affected.


Full Term and Term

Full Term is shorter than Term, and students are expected to be in residence during Full Term. Lectures and supervisions take place in Full Term, but students use the days at either end for catching up and consolidating their work. Full Term always begins on a Tuesday; lectures start on the Thursday and run for eight weeks (four in the Easter Term), ending therefore on a Wednesday; Full Term itself ends on a Friday. Second- and third-year students may stay in their rooms for these days between Term and Full Term, but first-year students are more restricted.


For First year students only

Your room rent will cover the eight weeks of "Full Term" and any part of "Term" (10 weeks) for which you may be given permission to stay. However, at the end of Michaelmas Full Term, all rooms in Memorial, Ashby, Thirkill, and Lerner Courts are required for the December admissions interviewees. At the end of Lent and Easter Full-term, all first year rooms are required for conferences. Times and dates for arriving and vacating are as follows:


  • Michaelmas 2021: Any time on Saturday, 2 October 2021; leave by midday on Saturday, 4 December 2021
  • Lent 2022: After 2.00pm on Saturday, 15 January 2022; leave by midday on Saturday, 19 March 2022
  • Easter 2022: After 2.00pm on Sunday, 17 April 2022; leave by midday on Saturday, 25 June 2022


University Term dates

Michaelmas Term 2021

Term starts 1 October

Term ends 19 December


Full-term starts 5 October

Full-term ends 3 December

Lent Term 2022

Term starts 5 January

Term ends 25 March


Full-term starts 18 January

Full-term ends 18 March

Easter Term 2022

Term starts 17 April

Term ends 25 June


Full-term starts 26 April

Full-term ends 17 June



You have the option to have a Standard Licence (for Term only) or a 9 Months’ Licence (including the Michaelmas and Lent vacations). It should be noted, however, that NO rooms in Memorial, Ashby, Thirkill, or Lerner Courts are available on a 9 Months’ Licence.

When you ballot you will be asked to choose which Licence you would like. Changes to your type of Licence cannot be made after 31 August.


Standard Licence

The normal Standard Licence allows you to reside for the duration of each of the three terms.

You pay for all nights of three Terms (227 nights), whether you choose to reside for all of those nights or for fewer. If permitted to stay for additional vacation nights these are currently charged at £30.00 per night.


As mentioned above, first-years (who are all housed in Memorial, Thirkill, Ashby, and Lerner Courts) are required to vacate their rooms shortly after the end of the Michaelmas Full Term for interviewees.

All students not graduating, not required to re-sit an examination, and not required to finish a course, must vacate their rooms at the end of the Easter Term. This includes those students who are due to be housed in Old Court during the Long Vacation. Students who are staying on for a 4th year and who wish to remain in College to watch their friends graduate should find a "floor to bunk down on!" Each year the turnaround from College to Conference becomes ever tighter, hence the need for any student not graduating to leave their room as early as possible.


You must hand in your room key to the Porters' Lodge, to signify that you are no longer in residence. You will be charged rent until your room key is handed in.


During the vacations, rooms are used for other purposes, such as housing visitors for conferences or Open Days, and parents attending graduation from a long distance. We will always find rooms for students who are required to be resident for University or College purposes (eg obligatory vacation courses), but otherwise permission to stay in a College room during the vacation will depend on need and availability. Applications are handled by the Accommodation Manager. Overnight guests are not usually allowed Out of Full Term but if you wish to have an overnight guest please apply to the Accommodation Manager for permission in advance , see ‘Guests’ below.


Please note that your Licence holds good only as long as you are in statu pupillari, ie in residence studying for Tripos in the normal way. If you go out of residence for any reason, your Licence will terminate. The Licence also does not affect the College's present right to ask a student remaining in statu pupillari to leave College accommodation, or to send a student out of residence altogether, for serious breaches of the College Statutes, College rules or other similar offences.



9 Months’ Licences

9 Months’ Licences are available for rooms in the Colony and outside properties.

The amount you pay for a 9 Months’ Licence (261 nights) covering the period 29/09/21 to 25/6/22 has been worked out at the same daily rate as the Standard Licence (227 nights). You pay for all nights of three Terms and two vacations, whether you choose to reside for all of those nights or for fewer. The daily rate depends on the quality of the room, but is considerably less than the £30.00 charged for additional vacation nights in the Standard Licences. Thus, which is the better financial deal depends on how long you wish to stay in residence during vacations.


In setting the rate for the 9 Months’ Licence, we have factored out the nine days covering Christmas and the New Year. This is because we recognise that very few people actually want to stay over this period. If you have a 9 Months’ Licence and want to stay right through Christmas, you are very welcome to do so, and you will not be paying any rent!


During vacations normal College rules apply; this includes no parties in College accommodation and no guests, see ‘Guests’ below.


Except during times that the College is closed, normal portering, housekeeping and buttery catering facilities will be available. The Forbes-Mellon Library will be open for student use throughout the Easter vacation. Even though you will have access to your room throughout the two vacations, for health and safety reasons, you MUST advise the Porters whenever you leave and return. Tutors will be available during the vacation periods as they are at present, but it may take them longer to respond to telephone or email contact. The Porters, or the Tutorial/Admissions Office during the day, are available for help if you need a very quick response.


Please note that your 9 Months’ Licence holds good only as long as you are in statu pupillari, ie in residence studying for Tripos in the normal way. If you go out of residence for any reason, your 9 Months’ Licence will terminate. The 9 Months’ Licence also does not affect the College's present right to ask a student remaining in statu pupillari to leave College accommodation, or to send a student out of residence altogether, for serious breaches of the College Statutes, College rules or other similar offences.


Room changes

Room changes will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances such as when a student has compelling medical grounds for changing rooms. If you wish to make a case to change room you should consult your Tutor or the College Nurse in the first instance.



(a)        Full Term: Student rooms are intended for single occupation. It is recognised that a student may wish to have an occasional guest to stay overnight ("night" commences when the gates close at 2.00am). You are asked to exercise this privilege with moderation. You should not have an overnight guest to stay for more than three nights in any one week. The maximum number of total guest nights in any one Full Term is sixteen guest nights. Students who wish to have guests for more than the maximum must apply for their Tutor's permission and inform the Accommodation Manager in advance in writing.

(b)        Out of Full Term: Guests are not usually permitted. If you wish to have an overnight guest, please apply to the Accommodation Manager for permission in advance.

(c)        All guests, whether from Clare or outside, must be signed in at the Porters’ Lodge and their name provided to the Porters. This can be done at any of the three P’Lodges, regardless of where your room is, and can be done in person or on the telephone. This is for reasons of safety: if there were a fire or other major incident, the College must be able to provide accurate information about numbers and names of students on the premises.

(d)        Bedders, who in the course of their normal duties encounter a person unknown to them, may enquire as to their identity; students and their guests must comply with this request.

(e)        Students must accept full responsibility for their guests. Since space is limited, guests may not park cars on College premises except to load and unload.


Access to rooms

While you are in residence, your room is your home. Everybody - Staff, Fellows and other students - should respect your right to privacy. From time to time, however, it may be necessary for a College Officer or member of Staff to gain access to your room in an emergency, whether or not you are present. For example, there might be a potential danger to people or to the fabric of the building; or to people from outside the College, such as window cleaners or electrical contractors, who may need to carry out approved work; or a College Officer or Staff member may need access in order to perform their duties. Whenever practicable and reasonable, an attempt will be made to arrange a mutually convenient time.


The Accommodation Manager conducts a brief routine check on the state of each room once during the Michaelmas Term. Further checks will normally only take place if there is a concern that a room is not being properly looked after.


Nobody should enter your room without knocking and giving you reasonable time to respond.