Clare College Cambridge


Typical offers for various examination systems are listed below.  

Although we recognise the value of A Level subjects such as General Studies and Critical Thinking, they will not be counted towards the grades required. All applicants to read the Mathematics Tripos (including Mathematics with Physics and Computer Science with Mathematics) will be expected to sit STEP. We do not set offers based on Advanced Extension Awards. Offers require candidates to take all the examinations listed on their application form. Offer holders may not vary these without permission from the college.

It is difficult to indicate in advance the precise combinations of grades that will be set. It is usual that the top 4% of candidates in the UK apply to Cambridge, with this in mind, we would be looking for candidates who are not in the UK examination system to be in the same educational percentile.



A Level

Each offer is tailored to you personally, taking into account your individual circumstances, including school background, any extenuating circumstances and the nature of your course. The range of offers for Arts and Sciences subjects will typically be: 

  • Arts – A*AA.
  • Sciences – A*A*A or A*A*AA (excluding Psychological and Behavioural Sciences)

Applicants taking four subjects won't normally be at an advantage compared with those taking three, although competitive applicants for STEM subjects often have Further Mathematics as a fourth subject.

Cambridge Pre-U

Conditional offers are set on an individual basis but are likely to include achieving Distinction level grades (D2 or D3) in Principal Subjects.

Scottish Advanced Highers

3 AH subjects, our usual offer would be at the level of AAA. In some cases two Advanced Highers and an additional Higher may be acceptable. We are also happy for Scottish candidates to take a mix of AH and A2 levels, and would pitch our offer at the same level.

Irish Leaving Certificate

For courses with a typical A Level offer of A*AA, Irish Leaving Certificate offers would generally be H1, H1, H1, H2, H2, H2; for courses with a typical A Level offer of A*A*A, Leaving Certificate offers would commonly be H1, H1, H1, H1, H2, H2.

American Advanced Placements

SAT (I) Reasoning Tests: A high pass equates scores of 750 in each component to give a combined score of 1,500 for most Science courses and Economics (Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine); and 730 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 730 in Mathematics, to give a combined score of at least 1,460 for all other courses.

International Baccalaureate

Typical offers usually require scores 42 out of 45, with 776 in Higher Level subjects.

Applicants may be required to achieve 7 in a particular subject(s), depending on individual circumstances.

European Baccalaureate

Successful applicants are typically asked for 85-90 per cent overall, with scores of 9.0 in subjects most closely related to the course they want to study.

French Baccalaureate

An overall ‘mention tres bien'. Typical offers are 16 or 17 out of twenty overall. Candidates may also be asked to achieve 16 or 17 in specific subjects.


1,2 or less, and definitely not greater than 1,3. In some science subjects, we may stipulate particular marks (14 or 15) for the subjects closest to the proposed field of study


The Extenuating Circumstances Form has replaced the Cambridge Special Access Scheme.


If you are taking an examination that is not covered by this table, please contact the Admissions Office for further information.