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Natural Sciences

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Biology Student Subject Representatives 2021-2022: Abi Colley & Abby Williams

Physical Student Subject Representatives 2021-2022: Laurens Smulders & Aidan Brzakalik


Natural Sciences books are shelved on the raised area of the lower floor along the back wall.  There are multiple copies of many of the key texts, so there should be enough to share between all students, but please let us know if you think there is a significant shortage of any title.  We try to keep up-to-date with new editions, but please also let us know if you are aware of a new edition of a key text which we have missed.

A molecular model kit is available on request.

Make sure that you check the catalogue (iDiscover) for any book that you are looking for.  If you are unable to find it listed, please ask at the Main Desk. 

If we do not have a book that you need you are welcome to fill in a Book Recommendation Form.