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Number of students per year: 4-6
Typical offer: A*AA or 7,7,6 (42+ overall) in the IB or the equivalent in other educational systems.
Essential subjects: One subject must be Music (not Music Technology), except for applicants with Grade VIII theory (ABRSM). A basic knowledge of harmony, counterpoint and analytical skills, such as can be studied at A-level, is a distinct advantage.
Written assessment: Candidates will be asked to sit an hour-long paper during their visit to Cambridge. There will be one question, the harmonization of a melody in a free style (i.e not necessarily in four parts) or the completion of the lower three parts of a Bach chorale. NB Please note that a keyboard will not be available for this paper.


The Cambridge Music Tripos is intended to deepen your understanding of music and its historical and cultural context, and to help you gain fundamental skills in writing and analysing music. The core of the course involves studies in history, analysis and compositional techniques. During your three years you will have an increasing amount of free choice in the subjects you study, as well as the opportunity to explore aspects of music that will probably be unfamiliar, such as notation and ethnomusicology. Although many music students at Cambridge want to enter the music profession in one guise or another, the course provides a broad education for those who take up other occupations.

More detail about the course structure is available.

The Music School is situated in West Road.



Fellows in Music at Clare College

  • Professor Marina Frolova-Walker Director of Studies and responsible for Music Admissions. She specialises in German Romanticism, Russian & Soviet Music and Nationalism in Music.
  • Mr Graham Ross is Director of Music at Clare College, and is responsible for the Chapel Choir and all music-making in the College. He specialises in composition.

Further information about the Music Tripos, the teaching of Music at Clare and admissions for Music candidates to the College may be obtained from the Admissions Office


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