Clare College Cambridge


Oliver Pashley

State School, Grantham


As a music student here at Clare, you find that the amount of musical opportunities presented to you can be at first a little overwhelming. The sheer amount of music making here is incredibly diverse, and there really is something for everyone, from the College Music Society (CCMS), which organises weekly recitals and termly orchestral concerts, to CAMS, the Clare Alternative Music Society, and everything in-between!

One of the things that appealed to me about the course at Cambridge was the increasing amount of specialisation as the course progresses. There are, of course, downsides - such as there being such a large range of compulsory subjects in your first year that at times it can feel too broad - but in a way, this also helps: by covering everything in your first year, it helps you to realise what you truly enjoy studying, enabling you to make a more informed choice about options for your second year, and eventually for your final exams. For example, one of my choices for finals involves the music of Guillaume de Machaut, something that I would never had considered at the beginning of my degree!

Overall, the supportive atmosphere at Clare, coupled with the friendly people and huge number of musical activities make it an exciting and rewarding college to study music. See for yourself - come and take a look around, and perhaps sample a concert or five!