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The Bursary

Situated on the ground floor of G Staircase, Old Court, the College Bursary is open from 0830 to 1600 Monday to Friday.  The College Bursary deals with all matters of finance and it is the place to pay your College bill. College bills are issued at the beginning of each term (and at the end of June) by the Bursary staff. Each bill includes the rent for your room and a list of the other residential charges for that term.

Undergraduate Members

All students have to pay their Tuition Fee and College Fee (if applicable) - or that portion of it for which they are liable – this will also be included on the bill in termly installments due at the beginning of term. The bills at the start of the Lent and Easter Terms include the additional charges - such as your bill for food consumed in the Buttery and Hall for the previous term. The final bill, with these additional charges for the Easter Term, will be sent to your home address early in the Summer Vacation.  Final-year students will be required to make a pre-payment for the estimated amount, since you cannot graduate if you still owe money to the College or to the University. The deadlines for payment are printed on each bill.

Undergraduate Student Loans

Payment from the Student Loan Company (if applicable to you) will be direct to your bank account. The payment will only occur once you have registered your arrival; to do this you must take your Student Loan Company University or College Payment Advice letter to the College Bursary (in person) at the start of the Michaelmas Term for scanning (this will need to be repeated every October).  Please note if you do not do this you will not receive your Loan.

Graduate Members

As a graduate student, you must pay the University Composition Fee for each year of your course. In addition, you must pay for your own living expenses and the living expenses of any dependants (husband/wife/partner/children) who accompany you to Cambridge.

This section shows some typical costs for a graduate student coming to Cambridge, according to whether you are studying an Arts or Science subject, and whether you are coming from the UK, EU or overseas. The figures for each academic year can be found here

All self-funding Graduate students will pay the whole years fees in advance.

Additional information about the Kitchen Fixed Charge can be found here.

Payment of College Bill

We would prefer payment by Bank Transfer - bank details for this are shown on the bill.  However, you can also pay by cheque or cash. You should note that late payment fines will be added to accounts not paid by the due date.

College Bill/Financial Queries

Any queries about your College bill should be taken to the College Bursary (G1) in the first instance. If you would like to speak to someone privately about any problems you may have paying your bill, please e-mail Linda Challinor  or telephone (3)33228 to arrange an appointment.

Click here to read the College's policy on Student Debt. 


For information on Hardship Funds/Grants/Prizes and Awards see here