Clare College Cambridge

Bills and Charges

The College Officer responsible for overseeing student finance is the Financial Tutor, Dr Fred Parker


About your College Bill

Your College Bill is paid at the start of each term. It covers various costs: termly rent (usually between £1,350 and £1,550), meal charges from food eaten in Buttery or from formals (which is tracked online via Upay), and computer fees (£38). A College Bill is also sent at the end of June each year to cover any meal charges or additional expenditure incurred during the Easter term. For Final Year Students, a pre-payment for the estimated amount of meal charges incurred will be applied as part of your Easter College Bill and any over or under payments resolved upon graduation.

Tuition Fees for self-funding students are also due up front in full at the beginning of the academic year as part of the Michaelmas Term's College Bill. If you have an undergraduate or postgraduate Student Loan or Sponsor to cover your fees this will usually be paid directly to the College provided you have applied for your Student Loan or advised the Bursary of your sponsor accordingly. Information regarding how much your Tuition Fees will be is in the Student Information section of the college website:


College Bill Payment Deadlines

College Bills must be paid on time and are usually due on the second Friday after the start of term - the exact date will be shown on your College Bill.

Please see the University website for term dates ( which are summarised below:

 Term  Start Date  College Bill Payment Date
 Michaelmas 2021  Tuesday 5th October 2021  Friday 22nd October 2021
 Lent 2022  Tuesday 19th January 2022  Friday 28th January 2022
 Easter 2022  Tuesday 26th April 2022  Friday 7th May 2022


Late payment fines are incurred for late payment (£30 in the first instance, with a further £60 if the bill is unpaid after 1 month), so if you are unable to pay on time please contact the Bursary via as soon as possible. If issues relating to payment of your College Bill remain unresolved, a meeting to discuss this matter with the Financial Tutor will be arranged and the matter escalated as appropraite.

 A link to the College policy on Late Payment fines is as follows:

College Policy on Fines for Late Payment of College Bill