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Now part of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Student Subject Representatives 2021-2022: Elizabeth Apps & Rebecca Davis


The Modern Languages section is on the upper floor. 

German Language: 430
  Literature: 830
French Language: 440
  Literature: 840 
Italian  Language: 450 
  Literature: 850
Spanish & Portugeuse Language: 460 
  Literature: 860 

Language dictionaries are in the General Reference section near the Main Desk.

Some of the texts that you need might be classed in other sections of the Library such as Philosophy.  Make sure that you check the catalogue (iDiscover) for any book that you are looking for.  If you are unable to find it listed, please ask at the Main Desk.. 

If we do not have a book that you need you are welcome to fill in a Book Recommendation Form.