Clare College Cambridge


Snigdha Reddy

Independent School, Northampton


My first year at Clare was filled with some of the most memorable events of my life. I chose to come to Clare because of the beautiful environment, some rather amazing first year rooms and a real feeling that the college lived up to its reputation as being the friendliest in Cambridge. The application process was made very easy; every step was accompanied by guidance on what to do and how to do it. In addition to the UCAS application, there is a separate form for Cambridge, the SAQ, which is very simple to fill out and requires only a few extra details such as UMS scores and what you have covered so far in your A level or equivalent courses - this is filled in online after you've finished your UCAS application. My interview was conducted in December, and comprised of two half an hour slots each with two interviewers. There was quite a significant gap between my two interviews, although this varies and the experience was a lot less daunting than I had expected it to be. Being a medic the work load is pretty high, you will have lectures five days a week as well as practicals on most days and in the evenings supervisions, which can sometimes also occur on Saturdays depending on your supervisor.

However, this large amount of work is no barrier for social activity outside of medicine. I, for example, was involved in drama productions throughout the year which was a great way to meet people outside of college. There was no need at all to stay in at all hours working; you shouldn't, even during exam term when it is most important to have something to get you away from an isolated room surrounded by piles of notes and text books. Medics also have an advantage that the university MedSoc organises several events which are always good as the people in your year become very close to you due to the large amounts of time spent together - you wouldn't probably think that some of your close friends would be made over a cadaver! All in all I had a great time and am thoroughly looking forward to my second year.