Clare College Cambridge


Graduate Students are members of the Middle Combination Room (MCR).


The MCR is both a physical place and the nickname for the Clare College graduate student community.




The MCR room itself can be found in Clare’s Old Court on the ground floor of E staircase. This space was renovated in 2014 and serves to provide a central hub for graduate students with comfortable chairs and sofas, a well-loved coffee machine and a daily supply of newspapers and biscuits. It also houses the MCR bar, which is open on Wednesday evenings to accompany various social events such as quizzes or movie nights but which really comes alive on Friday evenings: this is the night that Clare’s MCR members congregate to socialise after their weekly Formal Hall (a smart dinner in the Great Hall for graduate students and their guests only).

The MCR benefits from a speedy Wi-Fi connection and is supplemented by other computer and printing facilities available in the adjacent Hepple Room. Traditionally, undergraduate students are members of the JCR (Junior Combination Room) and the Fellows (academic staff) are members of the SCR (Senior Combination Room). 

The acronym ‘MCR’ represents the organisation responsible for representing the interests of postgraduates at Clare College (see our external MCR website). The MCR is in many respects analogous to the Union of Clare Students (UCS) which represents the interests of undergraduates. Each year its members democratically elect an MCR Committee, responsible for a wide range of functions which aim enhance the social lives of Clare students and offer them a student-run support network.

The MCR Committee is at the heart of the postgraduate ecosystem at Clare College and its work can be broadly summarised as a combination of representing and protecting the MCR’s interests to the College authorities, helping its members have fun, and making sure that its members are looked after and happy.