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Law Teaching at Clare

Teaching at Clare

Whilst lectures are provided in the Faculty, supervisions are provided by the Colleges. Supervisions are small-group classes (at Clare usually 2-3 students per class). Students have one supervision per subject per fortnight. In their first year students will have on average two hours of supervision a week and 8-12 hours of lectures a week. Supervisions are an opportunity for students to discuss their work with experts. Students are provided with a reading list and questions in advance of the supervision, and they will be asked to submit a piece of written work every other supervision.

Many papers of the Law Tripos are supervised within Clare or by former students of Clare who are now Fellows in other Cambridge Colleges. In subjects where we do not provide supervision in Clare we secure experts in those subjects at other colleges – we are therefore able to provide a world-class education in all of the papers offered in the Law Tripos. Clare students are also offered additional invaluable support from the college writing tutors, who provide one-to-one assistance with essay writing.

Professor Neil Andrews is an expert in Contract law and Civil Procedure. He teaches Contract law to second year students, and is    the author of the main textbook for the course, Contract Law (Cambridge University Press, 2011). In the third year students take Professor Andrews’s highly popular Civil Procedure course. Professor Andrews is the author of a number of leading books on this topic, and he provides students with detailed notes and support for this course. The Civil Procedure course is also known for the fact that Professor Andrews invites judges and leading practitioners as guest lecturers in the second term of the course. In the third year many students elect to take Professor Andrews’s dissertation course 'Justice, and the Legal Process'. 



Dr Kirsty Hughes is an expert in Public Law (Constitutional, Administrative law and Human Rights). She supervises first year students for Constitutional law and second year students for Administrative law. In the third year she teaches European Human Rights law. She also lectures Civil Liberties and Human Rights to graduate students.






Student Feedback on Teaching at Clare

In the student feedback questionnaire the supervisions provided by both Professor Andrews and Dr Hughes have been rated as ‘Outstanding’. The student questionnaire asks how good is your supervisor at: explaining difficult parts of the course; guiding your reading or study; setting the right amount of written work; reviewing and discussing your written work; giving useful evaluative feedback; placing your work in the broader context of the course; giving encouragement; and helping you achieve high exam results.

Some comments from students:

Really motivational supervisor.”


“Extremely helpful with any problems, approachable and always gives valuable feedback. Easy to contact for advice and always reassuring. Find these supervisions very useful and feel I can ask any questions I need to and can get help with something I don't understand. Useful techniques such as diagrams to demonstrate key ideas which I find really helpful.”  

“Supervision feedback has been extremely useful with respect to written work. Having taken on board the advice I've been given [I]'ve really noticed the difference in my written answers.”