Clare College Cambridge

Applying for Law at Clare


Admissions Requirements


The College is keen to attract applicants with a strong interest in the academic and intellectual challenge of Law.  We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.  At recent admissions rounds, bright candidates displaying genuine excitement at the prospect of reading this subject have tended to stand out.

For students studying A-levels offers, are based on A-level (or equivalent) examination results. No particular combination of subjects at A-level (or equivalent) is required.  A typical offer would be A*AA at A-level.  For students studying for the IB a typical offer would be 7,7,6 (42+ overall).  We welcome students from all over the world and for successful applicants from other educational systems we will make an equivalent offer to our A-level and IB offer. We are also able to make offers to applicants who have already completed their A-levels (or equivalent) and to applicants who wish to apply for deferred entry. 

All applicants for Law are required to take the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT).



Candidates applying for Law will be asked to attend interview in December. The interviews are designed to ascertain an applicant’s aptitude for the Cambridge course.  Candidates will be presented with legal problems at interview. There is absolutely no need for the applicant to have any prior legal knowledge, all relevant information will be provided at interview, we are interested in what you can do with that information and how you think, not what you already know. We are not testing public speaking ability, we are looking at how you analyse text, problems and rules, and whether you can apply the information that you are given to different sets of facts.

We do not ask for further samples of written work.

Decisions on offers are made on the basis of detailed analysis of the applicant’s academic record, interview performance and written test.   


Visiting and Finding out More about Law at Clare


We host three open days a year (two in July and one in September). The open days in July are the same dates as the Law Faculty open days so that students can visit both the College and the Faculty. At the College open day students have an opportunity to look around the college, to meet the Admissions Tutors and Director of Studies, and to ask questions about the admissions process and course. The Director of Studies will also provide examples of interview-style questions in a relaxed setting. If you have any queries about Law at Clare you are always welcome to email Dr Kirsty Hughes (

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