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BA Law (three year course)

The B.A. in Law consists of three years, known as Parts IA, IB, and Part II of the Law Tripos. All law students at the University of Cambridge are required to take four mandatory subjects in the first year (Civil, Tort, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law). In the second and third years there is an extensive range of options (all of which are available to Clare law students). During their degree students cover the seven ‘foundation’ subjects which are required in order to graduate with a qualifying law degree (Tort, Criminal, Constitutional, Contract, Land, Equity and European Union law). Find out more about the course on the Faculty webpage here.

ERASMUS – as part of the BA degree Clare students can elect to study law at a University in another country in their third year. The Law Faculty operates an exchange scheme so that students can spend their third year in France, Germany, the Netherlands or Spain. Students then return to Cambridge to study the final year of their law degree. Those students who wish to apply for this scheme can do so at the start of their second year at Cambridge. All Clare students who have wished to go on this scheme have been able to do so in recent years.

Affiliated students (two year course)

Graduate students (from any discipline) may apply to Clare for admission to a two year law degree as an affiliated student. Affiliated students take Parts IB and Part II of the Law Tripos (effectively the second and third years of the law degree). It is possible to complete all seven foundation subjects in two years as an affiliated student and graduate with a qualifying law degree. Find out more about the course on the Faculty webpage here.

Law with another subject (two year law course)

It is not possible to apply for a joint honours degree at Cambridge. The Clare Law Fellows are sometimes willing to accept into Part IB of the Law Tripos committed students who wish to change from other subjects after their first or second years. It must be emphasised that there can be no guarantee that transfer will be permitted, so students who wish to study law should seriously consider applying for the three year law degree. Transfer to law is not automatic and cannot be arranged in advance. Prospective students will need strong academic results both prior to and during their time at Cambridge, realistic candidates will also be interviewed by the law fellows at Clare towards the end of the student’s first or second year at Clare. Finally it should be noted that transfer also depends on whether there is space in law in the relevant year group. In recent years students have successfully transferred to law from Politics, Medicine, Economics and Music, and students from all subjects may be considered. 

Graduate studies - LLM, MCL, Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies or International Law and PhD

We also welcome applications from graduate law students and seek to involve graduate students fully in the law events at Clare, we are particularly interested in LLM applicants who are interested in careers at the Bar or in academia and PhD students. We typically have ten LLM students and PhD students, but there is no formal cap on numbers. Applications for these courses are via the central Graduate Admissions Office and the Law Faculty. For more information on these courses please see the Law Faculty webpage. For more information on graduate studies at Clare please see the postgraduate pages here.