Clare College Cambridge

Lottie Williams

After having been at Clare for almost two terms now, I can definitely say that my experience at Cambridge is incomparable to any I’ve had before. Although the application process was incredibly daunting, from writing my personal statement to flying out from Hong Kong for the interview, I can safely say that Clare lives up to its reputation as the “friendliest college.” The supportive atmosphere within college fosters a strong sense of community, and I have made invaluable friends during my time here. Staying in college during the interview process allowed me to not only appreciate its beauty, but to familiarise myself with the atmosphere and meet other applicants, some of whom I’m friends with now! During the interviews themselves, I was put at ease and felt able to engage with the questions asked. Although they were incredibly nerve-wracking, they gave me a taste of what was to come in the weekly supervisions and what being a history student entailed. Don’t be shy and ask questions (only if you have any!) Not to be forgotten is the central location of Clare that has saved my skin many times, as I can confirm it is possible to wake up and be in lectures within ten minutes! Clare also has its own library and is close to the University Library, making it central to some great places to work. Concerning the course, I have definitely enjoyed being exposed to a wide variety of options for periods to study, working with incredible fellows and supervisors who are forerunners in the academic world. Learning alongside your fellow historians within college is also academically stimulating and furthers the sense of community at Clare. Outside of studies there so many extracurricular activities, that there really is something for everyone. Although choosing a course and college can be daunting, the friendliness and relaxed nature of Clare has really made the transition from home to university much easier and I am so glad I applied here!