Clare College Cambridge

Ed Cooke

I decided to apply to Clare because of its friendly reputation, the wide variety of extra-curricular activities that it offers and its central location in the heart of Cambridge. As a historian, another primary reason for choosing Clare was its own deep history and beautiful college buildings – after all, Clare is the second oldest college in Cambridge! I was also attracted to Clare due to the support the college gives to travel and further study abroad. The college offers many helpful travel grants and vacation schemes far beyond the boundaries of the city of Cambridge. Clare historians don’t just have their heads buried in books! I am really enjoying studying history at Clare because we have a great community ethos that makes everyone feel welcome and included. Clare also encourages regular interaction among fellow historians, both through group classes and more informal events like the Annual History Formal. Another great aspect of being at Clare is its location near to everything that a Cambridge historian needs: Clare is right next to both the University Library and the History Faculty (Sidgwick Site), and has its own extensive college library (the FML).