Clare College Cambridge

Health and Safety

An overriding concern of the College is that you enjoy your time in Cambridge. Whilst there are actions that we can take to help you, there are some things for which you must take responsibility; these include your health, safety and security. 

The Head Porter is the Head of Department responsible for safety and security and useful information can be found here. The College Health and Safety Policy can be found here.Clare College Health and Safety Policy

Clare’s Accident Black Spots: The Road, the River and the Roof 

Accidents happen extremely quickly, and the lives of several Clare members have been transformed (or even lost) in an instant. There are three particularly dangerous places:

Queens Road

There is now a pedestrian crossing between Old Court and Memorial Court, but the County Council only agreed to install it after one of our students was killed by a car. Since then, there have been several serious accidents at the crossing. Always make sure you have the green light – and remember that drivers move fast along this road.

The River

During the last few years, two members of Clare (a student and a fellow) have been critically ill and in intensive care following incidents on the river. There are three main risks: just below the surface, there are submerged bikes, trolleys and broken punt-poles; the water carries infectious organisms, some of which can be fatal; especially if you've been drinking, you can drown in even shallow water.

The Roof

For their own protection, no unauthorized members of Clare are allowed on to the roof of Old Court. The only exception is in case of fire, when the parapets can be used as exit routes. If you do need to go along the parapets in a fire, be very careful: in some places, the balustrade is low, and there is a long drop down to the courtyard; moreover, the stonework is old, and may crumble under too much weight. The roof slates are old, thin, easily damaged and very expensive to replace: dislodging them entails two risks – an injury to someone in the courtyard, and rain entering the rooms beneath.

Reporting accidents, incidents and near misses

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