Clare College Cambridge

Gym Users

Clare College Gym

The rules for gym users are as follows -

  • Those wishing to use the gym are required to complete and sign the ‘Activity Readiness’ and ‘Gym Declaration’ forms declaring that they are fit to use the gym before using the equipment.  These are provided by the gym reps who organize the inductions and are securely stored by the gym reps
  • Users must attend an induction and safety briefing session before using the facilities
  • Once your induction has been successfully completed the gym rep will request your ID card be activated for the gym door
  • Use of the gym is restricted to members of Clare College
  • All users must leave the gym in a clean and tidy condition for the next user
  • Any users who find the gym in an unfit condition must report it immediately to the gym reps stating the time and date it was found in this state. The gym users last using the facility will be given “one strike”.  Users will be allowed three strikes, upon the third strike, gym privileges will be removed for the remainder of academic year
  • Authorised users must not allow others who are not registered users to use or access the facilities. Infringement of this rule will result in immediate loss of use of the facility
  • Users are asked to wipe down all equipment after use
  • No food is to be taken into the gym
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn in the gym
  • The maximum occupancy of the gym is 6 people
  • Users of the gym must ensure that equipment (especially weight plates) is correctly and safely cleared away after use
  • Any damage to the gym or equipment should be reported to the gym reps immediately for them to investigate as required

These rules have been established by the student gym reps to protect users and ensure that this facility is managed appropriately.

Before a new user's University card is programmed for use on the gym doors, the gym rep conducting the induction session must complete and submit this form which will be sent to the Senior Porter, Tony Przybylski.  The new user will be informed when their card is ready for use.